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Popular Places in Trichy


Mukkombu is a beautiful place located at about 18 km from Trichy. Famous for its scenic beauty, the main attractions in Mukkombu are the upper cut dam, fishing spot, children's garden, sports facilities, amusement park etc.

Puliancholai Falls

Puliancholai is a forest region situated about 72 kilometers from Trichy. The Puliancholai falls originate from the deep forest and it's a bathing area for the tourist.


Pachamalai is a mountain range and a trekking spot for tourists located about 80 km North of Trichy. Visitors could enjoy the greenary of this region where two rivers - Kallar and Sweata nadi flowing through the mountain.

Government Museum

The museum which is located at Rani Mangammal Mahal consists of sculptures of Mahavira, Gautam Buddha, Lord Vishnu, ancient fossils, prehistoric Megalithic tools, Palaeolithic and Neolithic Tools etc. It also has a collection of rare insects, birds and mammals.


5 Km from Trichy Anna Science Centre/Planetorium is located at Pudukkottai Road, near Airport. There are daily shows programmed in Tamil and English versions shown daily at the following hours
In Tamil: 10.30am, 1.00pm, and 3.30p.m.
In English: 11.45a.m., 2.15p.m. and 4.45p.m.
Phone number: 0431-2331921


Sittannavasal, which is an ancient Jain monastry is famous for its cave paintings. Tamil inscriptions can be found in those caves which are carved between 3rd century BC and 13th century AD. The place has great importance in the art history of India and is located 58 Kilometers from Trichy.

Kallanai - Grand Anaicut

The Kallani Dam or The Grand Anaicut is the oldest dam in the world built on the river Kaveri by the Chola king Karikalan. It was later renovated by the British and is still in use. The dam is located about 20 kilometers from Trichy.

St.Joseph's Church

St.Joseph's church is one of the oldest churches in India built in the year 1792 by Schwartz with the support of British Garrison. This Roman Catholic church which is replica of ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ France is situated near Teppakulam.

St. John's Church

St. John's Church is another oldest church in India built in the year 1812 with extraordinary architectural structure. Located near Theppakulam, the church has an array of monument in honour of the departed who were the victims of malaria, cholera or enemy bullets.

Oomaiyan Kottai

Oomiyan Kottai is an old fort situated at Tirumayam. This fort was built by the King Sethupathi in the year 1687 and it was later used by the British to imprison captured rebels. It's located about 71 kilometers from Trichy.

Shopping in Trichy

Khadi Craft | Poompuhar Sales Emporium | Chinna Kadai Street.


GRT | Kumaran | Alukas | Kalyan | Mangal & Mangal | Lakshmi | Amar Jewellery.

Shopping Malls

Manghalam Towers | Femina Shopping Mall | Femina Hyper Mall.

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Maruthi Hospital | Kauvery Medical Centre & Hospital (KMC) | GVN Hospital | Frontline Hospital.

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